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Organic all natural elements using aromatheraphy for their therapeutic & exellent healing properties. Sea brine, French Grey Sea Salt & Himalayan Salt are very effective at drawing out  impurities & exfoliating the skin. Preparation of the skin allows the coconut & shea butters to be easily be absorbed through the feet and body , and the essential oils to then make their way into your blood stream! Please read About to learn more concerning the inspiration behind the development of the company and why it is so important to care for your feet as well as your whole body which heals your soul. Cyndi

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"Started by the ocean & brought home to mountains of Colorado."

Check out our most popular item in our store. The Surf Foot Cream! 

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         Mountain Glow Cuticle Cream              

               Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils impart

               a woodsy scent to this rich coconut butter 

               cream that feeds cracked, dull nails & hands.

               Tea tree & lavender known for their anti-fungal

               properties are blended with aloe, sea brine, 

               shea butter, elemi & a paraben free base. You

               will glow with this unique & effective cream! 


Synergy Relief Cream 

This natural approach to relieving the affects of pain will surprise you! By detoxing the lactic acid that builds up at the site of pain, and drinking water to flush the toxin from your body, you can experience more mobility. This cream uses ginger,lemongrass,arnica,

peppermint,eucalyptus,lavender &

juniper essential oils along with aloe,

whipped coconut butter, Sea brine &

our paraben free base cream. Just

remember as with all of our products, a little goes a long way!  4oz


The Ocean Body Hand & Body Sea brine Lotion

Smell the ocean as you hydrate your skin with calming aloe, nourishing Sea brine & nutrient-rich apricot kernel oil. Lemon, lime,

spearmint & coconut essential oils transport you to the ocean while

rich coconut butter whipped with our paraben-free cream base leaves your skin feeling silky and hydrating after being out in the

sun all day. 8oz

Amazing Grosso Lavender essential oil

Made it back in my suitcase!

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