Lavender is unparalleled in its healing properties and calming abilities.

Everyday I am in awe of the natural world around me. I love to photograph it and where I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, each sunrise and sunset brings inspiration. A few years ago while feeling the pull of the ocean , I moved to the gulf of Mexico to practice massage. While there I became obsessed with the condition of my feet and started researching the true cause of the euphoric state of being experienced during and after a walk on the beach. For about 5 years I had wanted to start a skincare line using essential oils which I was extremely familiar with and was always learning more about everyday. 

It wasn't until I reseached the affects of salt water and ions and the exfoliating powers of sand in combination with at the time a real need for paraben free products that I started to formulate what you see today. Listening to my customers has been my biggest asset.

My first biggest seller was the Surf Foot Cream which women started to use for cuticle cream! So, along came Mountain Glow Cuticle Cream. Ocean Body Sea brine Lotion has a proprietary scent that transports you to the beach! New products are being developed as we speak. I am a one woman cottage industry and plan to keep it that way. This summer I will be going to Provence on a Lavender excursion and returning with my prized essential oil used in a few of my products. I hope you enjoy using my items as much as I enjoy making them as well as having to travel to sometimes buy the real thing!!!

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